HyperLynx® offers a complete suite of analysis and verification software that meets the needs of PCB engineers at any point in the board design flow. It is easy to use and integrate into any flow, HyperLynx equips PCB engineers to efficiently analyze, solve and verify critical requirements to avoid costly re-spins.

HyperLynx Signal Integrity

HyperLynx Signal Integrity (SI) generates fast, easy and accurate signal integrity analysis in PCB systems design.

HyperLynx SI helps engineers efficiently manage rules, definitions, and validations, ensuring that engineering intent is fully achieved.

It is tightly integrated from schematic design through final layout verification. It can quickly and accurately resolve typical high-speed design effects including over/undershoot, ringing, crosstalk, and timing.


HyperLynx Power Integrity

HyperLynx Power Integrity (PI) identifies potential power integrity distribution issues that can interfere with board design logic, and investigate and validate solutions in an easy-to-use, “what-if” environment.

HyperLynx PI gives all members of design team the ability to quickly and accurately analyze power integrity, without getting through the long process of learning products.

Using these power integrity capabilities will help the team to reduce prototype spins, shorten time to market, and allow engineers to develop more reliable products.


HyperLynx Design Rule Check

HyperLynx Design Rule Check (DRC) performs PCB design rule checks for issues affecting Electromagnetic Interference / Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMI/EMC), Signal Integrity and Power Integrity.

HyperLynx DRC includes a core set of rule check and offers extensive customizability of rules.

HyperLynx 3D electromagnetic

HyperLynx 3D electromagnetic (EM) presents a full-wave 3D EM design and verification solution that meet strict demands of the complete package, PCB and circuit-level simulation and modeling.

Using HyperLynx 3D EM, all members of the design team will be able to create EM-accurate simulations without requiring structure simplification, ensuring precise results.


HyperLynx Thermal

HyperLynx Thermal analyzes board-level thermal conditions on placed, partially routed, or fully routed PCB. It simulates conduction, convection, and radiation, and produces temperature profiles, gradients, and excess temperature maps, resolving board and component overheating early in the design process.


HyperLynx Analog

HyperLynx Analog provides scalable analog circuit simulation, allowing PCB designers to precisely control simulation parameters and the environment.

It extends the capabilities of schematic design to include mixed-signal and analog circuit design simulation to significantly reduce cycle time and eliminate design errors.


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